Twitter Wellness Chat with Dr. Jamie Kane 03/10/11

If you missed the wellness chat on Twitter last night (03/10/11), you can catch the recap here! It is on Twitter every Thursday evening at 8pm EST by Dr. Jamie Kane. His Twitter profile is here. This is his website.

Date: 03/10/11

Topic: Real Food

The follow are the asked questions & Dr. Jamie Kane's corresponding answers from the discussion:

Question #1: What is real food?
Dr. Jamie Kane Answer #1I think real food is something that comes in its state of nature.

Question #2: So how do you make sure that you get "real food" into your daily life, on your plate?
Dr. Jamie Kane Answer #2: Grow it in your garden, wash and eat!!!

Statement from @thefitgourmand: I shop the perimeter of the supermarkets where real food is available
Dr. Jamie Kane ReplyPerimeter of stores is fine, but beware that not even all veggies are what you think they are.

Statement from @BSidesNarriative: If you can't pronounce the ingredients, it's not real food.
Dr. Jamie Kane ReplyThe ingredients should also be what you are eating, not what is put in to preserve it.

Question #3: So besides growing, shopping the outskirts of the store, how do you stay away from bad food?
Dr. Jamie Kane Answer #3Ideally, make food yourself & don't rely on quick fixes. Also, think of produce as your primary food & everything else as supplements & treats

Statement from @melaniehevel: Also, read nutrition labels.
Dr. Jamie Kane ReplyOr buy foods w/out nutrition labels. Then just one ingredient.

Statement from @Jose_Galvan: Pack a lunch for school/work it helps avoid temptation to grab junk food!
Dr. Jamie Kane ReplyPacking lunch saves money and calories.

Statement from @melaniehevel: Definitely key to not beat yourself up if you do eat something less than healthy. Making urself feel guilty often doesn't help!
Dr. Jamie Kane Reply: Agree. beating yourself up doesn't help. but putting in full effort is required sometimes.

Question #4: Do your friends/family make eating "real food" hard or difficult for you? How do you react?
Dr. Jamie Kane Answer #4This is my profession and I still have a hard time getting friends/family to take my eating seriously

Statement from @thefitgourmond: When I make bad choices I know that the next meal or snack is an opportunity to get back on track.
Dr. Jamie Kane ReplyRight, difference between recognition and action vs. self-abuse

Statement from @itsjen: Being a vegetarian for so long I'm over criticism of what I do or don't eat. it's my body
Dr. Jamie Kane ReplyWe have to remember that people rarely put a gun to our head & force-feed us junk. We are responsible for ourselves.

Statement from @mhough88: Food inc will set any one straight! It opened myself and my wife's eyes to the real truth.
Dr. Jamie Kane Reply: Chicken treated w/ammonia. Blech!

Statement from @melaniehevel: Emotions, wanting "comfort," and food are usually not a good combination! Often when others are involved, those things come in.
Dr. Jamie Kane ReplyRight on emotions. Euphoria & parties can be as bad as despair & stress. 

Statement from @thefitgourmand: You are right! Food is so social we forget that it is a personal choice.
Dr. Jamie Kane ReplyCan work both ways. A lot of people over-snack when they are at home. Depends on personality-type.

Statement from @iamjosie: It's got to be ok to have some every so often right? at least that's what I tell myself & salad pizza is my fav :)
Dr. Jamie Kane ReplyI don't see why not as long as you take care of yourself in general. We all have choices to make. For all my talk, I can't imagine life w/out pizza. I just discourage others from eating it. 

Statement from @itsjen: I love this tweet! RT @ For all my talk, I can't imagine life w/out pizza. I just discourage others from eating it.
Dr. Jamie Kane Reply: Got to be honest. even after shoulder surgery when i promised myself strict healthy eating, i still ate pizza.

Dr. Jamie Kane RecapThanks for a fun hour. Eating real food will have you feeling and looking good and keeps the doctors away. 

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